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Thesis & Graduating

Once students have passed all exams and activities in their study plan and acquired at least 120 credits, they are allowed to take the final exam which is the oral discussion in English of the thesis. The thesis should be original in character and represent a first step towards academic work.

The thesis takes alternatively the form of: monographic dissertation (dissertazione a carattere monografico) or Final paper (elaborato conclusivo).

  1. Monographic dissertation. Such a thesis is an in-depth research concerning topics of interest for scholars, jurisprudence or legislative bodies. The candidate is required to discuss critical issues and to designate a systematic overview characterised by some degree of originality. The length of the monographic dissertation must be between 40.000 and 60.000 words and the candidate is required to submit the title at least 6 months before the final oral exam.
  2. Final paper: such a thesis consists of an analysis of an argument. The candidate is required to critically argue normative sources, scholars’ opinions and relevant case-law. The length of the Final paper is between 25.000 and 40.000 words and the candidate is required to submit the title at least 3 months before the final oral exam.

The thesis must be prepared under the guidance of a Course Supervisor. The final evaluation of the student's career will have to take into account the evaluations on previous training activities, the final examination as well as any other relevant element.
Els students who are interested in doing their final thesis with one of the visiting professors MUST have as first supervisor the Professor from the University of Turin who holds the course. The visiting professor can supervise the thesis as co-rapporteur.

The final exam gets completed with an oral presentation held in English. Such a presentation is held before the Commission made up of 5 Professors:

  1. The presentation of the monographic dissertation provides for a discussion between the candidate, the his/her own supervisor and another Professor with the view of highlighting the main aspects of the thesis. As soon as the candidate comes into known of the Commission’s members and at least one week before the final oral exam is required to send a pdf. copy of his/her thesis.
  2. The presentation of the Final paper provides for an individual exposition of the thesis and some questions posed by the Commission’s members.

The Commission’s evaluation is calculated out of one hundred and ten and the minimum score to pass is 66/110. Once the President has consulted with the Commission, he/she declares that the candidate is an official graduate of the University. For a detailed explanation of the grade calculation see Calculating the average below.

Frontespizio Tesi  (Thesis title-page)

  1. Log in on the MyUnito platform.
  2. Before starting the procedure, please verify your personal data under the label Iscrizioni - Dati Anagrafici. Such data will be printed on the degree certificate. In case the label Stato is red, you are required to modify your documents because they are out of date.
  3. After such verifications, you are allowed to start the procedure to lodge the graduation application form. Under the label Prova Finale in your MyUnito, open Domanda conseguimento and Procedi con la presentazione domanda conseguimento titolo.
  4. Fill out all the required information.
  5. Proceed with Conseguimento Titolo.
  6. Enter the information concerning you Thesis.
  7. Please, check all the information you have entered. Then, click on Conferma e Completa Domanda Conseguimento Titolo.
  8. You can modify the data entered by clicking on Modifica Domanda.
  9. Print out the graduation application form on Stampa Domanda.
  10. Print out the Thesis’ Title form on Stampa Modulo Titolo Tesi.
  11. Pay the graduation Fee under the label Tasse on your MyUnito and print out the payment receipt.

Once obtained all these documents and have them signed by you Thesis Supervisor, you are required to upload them Domanda conseguimento Titolo - Inserisci allegati domanda conseguimento Titolo - Modulistica per la presentazione domanda conseguimento Titolo.

  1. The process is now concluded!

More details

It is no longer required to deliver a printed copy of the thesis to the Department of Law. The thesis must be exclusively uploaded online.

You should submit your thesis via the University’s Online thesis service and it is recommended you read the procedure guidelines carefully. An abstract of the thesis will be published in the public archive of the Online Thesis service.

How to do it

To upload your dissertation’s file, and possible attached, a simple internet access with ADSL connection is needed or you can use internet points available in UniTO. The steps to follow to submit your thesis are provided hereafter:

  1. Login to the service with your credentials (username and password already used to access to MyUnito and institutional email address;
  2. After login select the item “Servizio tesi online”;
  3. Read carefully the “Informativa su privacy e diritto d’autore” (i.e. Privacy and copyright policy, only in Italian), click on button “Confermo e accetto”; go on selecting the item “Prosegui”;
  4. Fill in the required fields;
  5. Upload your dissertation's file and possible attached;
  6. Print and keep the receipt attesting that your dissertation has been submitted.
  7. Be aware that the entire procedure needs to be done without interruption.


Dissertation’s file needs to be uploaded in pdf format and the size can’t exceed 300 MB.

The Thesis online service only allows for changes before the due date. Uploaded theses CANNOT be replaced or edited afterwards.


  • Students cannot make changes to their file once it has been uploaded;
  • Students can ask the Thesis online services to intervene to make changes to the file, but only before the due date;
  • No edits are allowed after the due date.

Once you have submitted your thesis, you must print the receipt of the upload and send it to the Segreteria Studenti via Service desk by the end of the month preceding the graduation date (item to be selected: "Domanda di laurea").

For more information:

Should you decide to defer your graduation, you must notify your intent to the Students Registry Office by submitting a ticket through the Help Desk Service Polo CLE with the subject: “Domanda di Laurea”.
It is also necessary to cancel your graduation application from your MyUniTo profile at least 10 days before the graduation session starts.

Calendar (only in Italian)

Master’s Degree students should find a professor as supervisor at least 6 months before the graduation date.

Once the deadline for submitting the graduation application has passed, a list of those who submitted the form before the due date will be published. Students who are not on this list, should contact the Student Office or their Teaching Desk office.

Just before graduation, information (date, time and place) concerning your particular session will be published.

Lists of candidates and graduation calendar

  1. The Student Enquiries Office submits the calculation of students’ average to the Examining Board. It is the weighted average of the exams taken, ie the sum between each exam mark and how many credits it is worth, divided by the total of credits. 
    This calculation does not take honours into consideration. 

    The average is calculated with this formula:

    (mark x credits) + (mark x credits) + (mark x credits)
                 sum of credits with mark

    For example:

    (30 x 9) + (27 x 6) + (23 x 9)    =  26.625

    In order to obtain the average out of 110, do the following proportion:

    average (out of 30) : 30 = average (out of 110) : 110
    of which:        
    average out of 110 =  average (out of 30) x 110

    from the previous example:

    average out of 110 =  26.625x110
    average = 97.625



  • The average calculated by the Students Office software can vary when rounding up compared to the student’s calculation;
  • The weighted average is available online by logging onto your MyUniTO profile 

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