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Job Placement Office - Internships & Careers Service

Internship coordinator: Annamaria Viterbo

The Job Placement Office offers students and new graduates internships in companies and organisations both in Italy and abroad.

The Careers Service manager is Stefania Lavagnino.

Office tasks include:

  • Publishing internship and job offers;
  • Helping students find internships and drawing up training projects; inviting companies and organisations to make presentations of the internships and jobs they offer students;
  • Organising occasional seminars on how to write a CV and prepare for an interview;
  • Providing career consultancy;
  • Posting internship and job offers as well as cultural events on Facebook pages and the School and Department websites.

Office hours
from Monday to Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00
from Tuesday to Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00
room 22-23-25, block D1, First floor
Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungo Dora Siena 100


Tamara Testù (office 26):, phone +39011.6704173
Luciano Cumino (office 23):, phone +39011.6704898
Rebecca Rossati (office 25):, phone +39011.6704897
Rosanna Triolo (office 25):, phone +39011.6704896

Compulsory internships are part of a student’s degree course and designed to earn them credits or help in writing their thesis. This type of internship creates the opportunity for students to alternate study and work as part of their training as well as first-hand experience in the workplace.


Each Degree Course has its own regulations for evaluating and assigning credits.  Students should contact their professor/tutor and Degree Course director for information and recognition of credits.
One credit currently corresponds to 25 hours of internship.

Optional internships are designed to guide students in their choices of professions and employability as they take the step from school to work thanks to the practical experience gained in the workplace. Students can do these internships in companies, public bodies, cooperatives and NGOs.

"Legislation promoting employment" in the 24 June 1997 Law No.196 and the later regulation (ministerial decree 25 March 1998, n.142) were added to our rules and regulations in order to “create the opportunity for students to alternate study and work as part of their training as well as first-hand experience in the workplace.”

Current legislation:

Optional internships in the Piedmont Region are currently regulated by the Resolution of the Regional Council (D.G.R. 85-6277 dated 22.12.2017) which states that the university can offer internships for new graduates up to 12 months after graduation and for a maximum total of six months (including extensions).

How to stipulate an agreement for compulsory and/or optional internships

Organisations and companies can offer compulsory internships to Università degli Studi di Torino students and optional internships to new graduates up to 12 months after their graduation via the Job Placement office. They must also become Università degli Studi di Torino partners.

This partnership lasts between one and three years and can be used to create other internships for all Università degli Studi di Torino students and new graduates. Companies and organisations must apply to become partners via this link  UNITO partnership online services. The agreement documentation will then be issued by the Job Placement Office and sent to the host company or organisation for signature. Once the host company has signed, the original document must be sent to the Job Placement Office.

Contact the Job Placement Office at to apply for partnership.

How to publish an internship/job offer

If a company or organisation wants to publish a compulsory internship position they should fill in a form and send it to Students then apply directly to the contact details. Once the company has made its selection and decided on the successful candidate, they will inform the Job Placement Office.

Optional internships and job applications are managed via the Università degli Studi di Torino portal and forwarded to the employer after their expiry date or occasionally on request. In this case, companies can login and upload their own job and internship opportunities.

How to request lists of graduates

Partner companies and organisations can request lists of graduates from the Schools of Legal, Political and Social Economic Studies by filling in and signing a form and then sending it to the Job Placement Office.

What to do if the intern has an accident during the internship

Should the intern have an accident, the host company must inform the sending university within 24 hours by sending the following documents to this address

  1. medical certificate issued by A&E or doctor who examined the patient;
  2. brief report on the circumstances of the accident.

Procedure for writing an "off campus thesis"

Undergraduates who have to go to companies or organisations to collect data and/or documentation in order to prepare their thesis, can formalise both the host’s and their own position with a procedure which is independent from the internship and without having to have a training project.

Insurance cover for civil liability against accident is however guaranteed although health insurance while abroad would be the student’s responsibility.

The student must request and fill in a form that has to be signed by the supporting professor of the thesis and signed by the host company. This form should then be sent to the School’s Job Placement Office.

The Job Placement Office will then inform the University’s Contracts Office of the thesis being researched and written off campus. Following a request, the host company will be sent details of the student’s insurance cover.

We also provide advice for students on how to write a CV, so please make an appointment at our offices

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