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Admission requirements

Academic year 2023/2024
To enrol in the second cycle degree program in European Legal Studies, students must provide evidence of an appropriate education in legal and economic subjects. In particular, they need to meet the following academic curricular requirements:

Applicants must

  • hold an Italian first cycle degree or a three-years academic degree (Laurea Triennale)

  • fulfil academic and English language requirements

Academic requirements are, alternatively:

  1. an L/14 class degree (in Scienze dei servizi giuridici) or L/16 class degree (in Scienze dell'Amministrazione e dell'Organizzazione)

  2. a certified academic record encompassing a minimum of:
    • 15 CFU (ECTS credits) in private law, also comparative, or constitutional/public law, also comparative (SSD: IUS/01; IUS/02; IUS/08, IUS/09; IUS/10; IUS/21);
    • 15 CFU (ECTS credits) in International law and European Union law (SSD: IUS/13; IUS/14)
    • 6 CFU (ECTS credits) in Economic sectors (SSD: SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/07)

English language requirements
The English entry level requirement is Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Application AY 2023/24
All applicants, graduates of classes L/14 and L/16 included, must book an admission interview on one of the available dates and present their degree certificate with academic record (transcript of records) and language certification if available. The interview will be held in English and aims at verifying the adequacy of the candidates’ personal preparation as well as the fulfilment of the curricular and language requirements.

For more information on the enrollment procedure, see the webpage How to apply.

To enrol in the second cycle degree program in European Legal Studies, international applicants must hold a first-cycle degree (i.e. Bachelor’s degree) gained after at least 3 years of University education, meet specific admission requirements and demonstrate a suitable academic preparation and a solid legal and economic background.

Academic requirements are
a certified academic record encompassing a minimum of:

  • 15 ECTS credits in the domain of Private Law, also comparative, or Public Law, also Comparative;
  • 15 ECTS credits in the domain of International Law and of EU Law;
  • 6 ECTS credits in the domain of Economics.

Personal preparation of the candidates will be verified by the Commission in charge of evaluating the admission criteria for the Program, through the analysis of the curriculum and an admission interview. The Commission can assign an integration of the program or additional preparation for the candidates to obtain the admission.

The Commission will also verify in the Interview the English language proficiency of the candidates, that shall be equivalent to at least a B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Applicants are kindly invited to pay attention to the fact that European Legal Studies does not constitute an LLM program. It is a 2 years program which, according to the Italian academic system, allows students to get a second cycle degree (Laurea magistrale).

For information on the enrolment procedure, see Application for international students. The webpage provides an overview of the application process with information about each stage. Please read information regarding documents required and deadlines carefully, and follow the instructions given.

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