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Credits for Altre Attività

What are “Altre attività”
The Study Plan of European Legal Studies includes “Altre attività” for 3 CFUs.

“Altre attività” are thus an inherent component of the curriculum studiorum of each ELS student. They can be done all through the two years of the Master’s Degree Program, and have to be fulfilled by the submission of the application for graduation.

According to the specific Regulations adopted by the Law Department (Regolamento per il conferimento dei CFU di altre attività, see the original version in Italian the original version in Italian), the following types of activities qualify as “altre attività”:

  • “Seminari” (Seminars) within the official teaching offer of the Department for a given academic year (art. 3 lett. a, see their list on the web site page)

  • Other occasional seminars and workshops held by faculty members and junior researchers of the Law Department (art. 3 lett. b)

  • Conferences, research workshops, both in Italy or abroad (art. 3, lett. c)

  • Activities organized by the student associations under the supervision of a faculty member of the Law Department

  • Individual projects, i.e., a single student’s project in agreement and under the supervision of a faculty member of the Law Department. Individual projects are submitted to the Commissione Altre attività by the Professor and may consist of several types of activities, including attendance to extra-university conferences, voluntary work, or the elaboration of a written work; since October 2020, they may also consist of attendance of a part of a general course within the teaching offer of the Law Department, in agreement with the teacher.

    For "Seminari", other seminars and workshops organized by a faculty member or junior researcher of the Law Department, conferences and workshops listed under "Avvisi ed eventi", as well as individual projects, successful attendance of the activity is certified by the teacher and students are not required to carry out any administrative steps ex post. Seminars and workshops, conferences etc. listed under "Avvisi ed eventi" can be accessed without submitting request for prior approval to the Commissione Altre Attività.

  • Activities proposed by students: other activities different from the above, for which prior approval has been asked to, and granted by, the “Commissione Altre Attività” (the official working group in charge of dealing with the scientific aspects of “Altre attività”). This also includes language courses attended during the period of enrolment as a student of ELS, upon presentation of a certificate of attendance and diploma (certificate of positive passing of a final exam).

    For such activities, students must submit a request for prior approval to the Commissione Altre Attività by filling in and sending by email to the specific form. The request must be submitted at least 30 days before the “altra attività” starts. For those types of “altre attività”, if approved by the Commissione, students must prove their effective participation to, or performance of, the activity: the certification of attendance must be sent to the Commissione Altre Attività by replying to the email of the latter giving approval of the prior request.
    Further information available here.

News concerning general aspects of “Altre attività” are published on the web site under "Avvisi ed eventi".

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