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Teaching projects

Legal Clinics constitute an educational pillar in the field of law. They provide students the opportunity to know and to understand the ‘law in action’ through practical activities.

The educational method adopted by Legal Clinics aims at filling the gaps between theoretical education and reality that students will face during their professional activity, at stimulating their critical skills and at raising the awareness toward social justice.

For that purpose, the Legal Clinics organised by the Department of Law engage students in concrete activities intended to increase the access to justices for vulnerable people such as: detainee, disables, minors, migrants and victims of human trafficking.

This activity has been devised by the Department of Law in the context of the Dipartimento d’eccellenza 2018-2022 project and it aims at introducing students to the academic research.

Students will assist one Professor of the Department in carrying out research in legal fields.

Participation grants the student 6 CFU as Other activities (Altre Attività).

Furthermore, this experience could constitute a student-Professor collaboration with the view of drawing up the master thesis and of course it will contribute to enrich the students’ Curriculum Vitae.

To take part in this project, you will need to submit the application to the following link (page under construction).

The department of Law promotes participation to the Moot Courts of teams made up by students. These competitions cover fields such as Public International Law (P. Jessup), European Union Law (ELMCC, European Law Moot Court Competition), International Arbitration (Willem C.Vis). Those competitions are organised in accordance with a common scheme involving the analysis of a case having manifold substantial and procedural aspects.

Before the final phase, encompassing a written and oral phase, students go through a training under the supervision of lecturers. This training allows students to enhance their education with respect to legal, rhetorical and linguistic skills.

The participation to the whole competition (both written and oral phase) assigns 6 CFU as part of the International Moot Courts (Prof. Alberto Oddenino). The students who have shown particular efforts and have reached positive results will obtain a certificate for the attribution of an additional point at graduation.

Selections usually take place in May.

For further information:

Alberto Oddenino (

Stefano Montaldo (

Andrea Spagnolo (


The department of Law supports international exchanges for the purpose of preparing the master thesis abroad.

The length of the period abroad is to be between 30 and 60 days. The cooperation agreement of the are published in the dedicated section.

For further information, please refer to the Call.




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