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Diploma in Migration Studies


Academic year 2018-19

Chief Academic Officer
Prof. Alessandra Venturini

Academic Committee
Prof. Tiziana Caponio, Prof. Manuela Consito, Prof. Francesco Costamagna, Prof. Roberta Ricucci

Course Co-ordinator
Prof. Manuela Consito 

Administrative support
Sara Colaone
T: +39 011.670.4129 

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The Diploma in Migration Studies (DMS) is for those students interested in migration issues and hoping to subsequently find work in the sector.

Skills in this area are increasingly recognised and in demand, in both the public and private sectors, so Master degree courses International Studies and European Legal Studies would like to inform their students that they can take a recognised specialisation based on the US style «academic minor» during their Master degree course.

This specialisation consists of economic, legal and political-social studies so students can understand the dynamics and issues of the migratory phenomenon. They will also become familiar with the main tools necessary to manage it in order to contribute to its development, implementation and monitoring of effective public policies. 

Students will analyse data and information on the migratory phenomenon and, using their inter-disciplinary backgrounds, try to understand a migrant’s decision and all the dynamics, laws and policies involved as well as the effect of immigration on the destination country with all its consequences and with particular focus on integration at work and in the community at large. One core framework will cover and analyse the economic, legal and political-social issues and implications.

The DMS has three main areas:


1 exam from
Study Plan

Migration in Europe 
Prof A. Venturini
Course programme


Choice of one
exam from

Immigration law
Prof M. Consito
Course programme

EU Mobility and Migration Law 
Prof F. Costamagna and Prof S. Montaldo, 
Course programme


Choice of one
exam from

Immigration policies and dynamics
Prof D. Donatiello and Prof A. D’Angelo,
Course programme

Islam, migration and integration
processes prof.ssa R. Ricucci
Programma del corso


Students enrolled in European Legal Studies should add (or have already added) the compulsory activity “Seminars 3 credits” in their study plan when adding credits to the Economics Area.  This will be recognised as valid for the Diploma where the student achieves a pass mark. The three Seminar credits do not carry marks out of thirty, but just pass/not pass.

Students must have already earned at least 21 credits from one course from each area in order to be awarded the DMS Diploma.

Please note:  if a student cannot take 21 credits from electives because (s)he has already used up this option, he/she can attend the course and take the exam that is not in his/her study plan as surplus and in accordance with university regulations.

Students will be awarded an attendance certificate for extra activities carried out in the lab (see information for Attendance Certificate).

Please contact the Course Co-ordinator Prof. Manuela Consito at for further information and inquiries. Please contact Sara Colaone on 011.670.4129 or for administrative support.

The DMS is available to all students enrolled on the Master Degree courses in International Studies and European Legal Studies. If you would like to enrol, add three courses from the Diploma to your study plan in order to receive at least 21 credits over three areas.

Extra activities organised as a DMS initiative will be included in the final certificate.

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Students must apply to the President of their Master Degree course for their DMS Diploma.

You must download the self-certification form from the UniTo portal with your personal data, exams taken and marks obtained and hand it in with the application. You can also include any attendance certificate of seminars or labs which you attended and registered for in order to get credits for your Master Degree course together with a letter written by your supervisor.

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