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Published: Monday, September 21, 2020 by Roberto Caranta

Dear Students,

unfortunately and much to my regret, this year the course will take place online.

As far as I can foresee now, our two weekly meetings will be organised as follow:

1) on Thursday, pls join me at

I will teach my class and answer to your questions. The class will be registered and saved to the Moodle Platform.

2) on Friday, you will have some materials on the Moodle Platform and a short (around 500 words) reaction paper to answer.

You will have access to learning materials and resources (such as readings, audio PPTs, self-assessment tests and quizzes) on the Moodle Platform. It is therefore essential for every one of you to enrol in the teaching Platform, which will also be the main instrument for teacher-student communication. 

PLS be present on Thursday Oct. 1st, 1.15 PM GMT so that we can discuss the organisation of the course.

Take care

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