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FAQs with answers

Published: Thursday, October 8, 2020

This depends on your degree course and the year you have enrolled in.

Here is a list of Department of Law degree courses:

with full curriculum and individual courses available each year.

You can also choose other courses in addition to the core subjects in the curriculum if they meet the course requirements.

These two pages show all the degree courses where in-person attendance is admitted and organised in alphabetical order:

  1. Book your place in class remembering that access is based on alphabetical order:

  2. Follow these instructions when your arrive at Campus Luigi Einaudi:

  1. Sign up via the Registrati link at the bottom of the page of each course;

  2. At the appointed time, go to the teacher’s Webex personal room or click on the platform link (other than Webex) if indicated by the teacher.

The Webex platform is where students follow their lessons live online.

The Moodle platform is where teachers make their course material available (video recordings, Power Point presentations, notes, diagrams, further material, etc.).

Get in touch with your degree course fresher tutor. You’ll find their contact details here:

Once you have registered on can you can access Moodle at

- Step 1: register on the University Portal at;

- Step 2: go to and at the top of the page on the right, log in with the username and password from Step 1;

- Step 3: go to and type in the course name you are interested in attending.

Once you have registered on the portal, you can access Webex meetings as a guest:

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